Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU

Titans, Round 6. He showed some skills as a passer in college, but his lack of mobility – which may be even worse after his knee injury – will probably keep him from being consistently successful in the NFL. After his injury, he began throwing again in early February 2014. He won’t be ready for any off-season activities, and may not even be ready for the 2014 NFL season, but this will give him a chance to sit on the Titans bench and learn the game.

All-Star Games: None.Invited to the Senior Bowl but declined due to injury.

Positives: great height and good bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Has experience running a pro-style offense, so he should be fairly ready to run an NFL offense. Adequate arm strength and throws with good velocity. Can vary his release point and throw with touch when needed. Is able to throw with above-average accuracy and touch on intermediate passes when he has a clean pocket to throw in. Seems tough, and doesn’t get rattled under pressure. Though he is nowhere near mobile, he is able to step up in the pocket under outside rush. Knows when to throw the ball away.

Negatives: Inconsistent accuracy, and below average when he is on the move or otherwise unable to set his feet. Lacks mobility, and doesn’t move well inside the pocket. Below-average speed. Below-average ball security when in pocket. Often looks to check down to short and medium passes. Fairly indecisive. Tends to overthrow on the run. Doesn’t sense pocket collapsing. Tore left ACL in November 2013, missed the rest of the season, and had surgery in January 2014, but worked out at April pro day. Incident at bar in 2010 and was released from Georgia and then transferred to LSU. Gave a diluted urine sample for his Combine drug test.

Projection: He is not worth drafting in fantasy rookie drafts, but keep an eye on him next year to see how he improves with more NFL coaching. I see a Ryan Lindley-like NFL career ahead of him – and I was a fan of Lindley.

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