Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia

Chiefs, Round 5. On the Chiefs, he should be a solid backup to Alex Smith with the potential to be a solid starter if need be. He needs to clean up his mechanics and improve his reading of defenses a bit, but he has the skills to be a solid backup in the NFL.

All-Star Games: None. Was invited to the Senior Bowl but declined due to injury.

Positives: Though his height and bulk are below average, he is built solidly. Adequate hand size. Has experience running a pro-style offense, so he should be more ready to run an NFL offense.Throws with adequate arm strength and velocity. Shows good accuracy and touch on intermediate passes. Above-average deep accuracy, especially on deep out patterns. Recognizes and exploits single coverage well on the outside. Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Fair pocket presence, and can step up in the pocket under outside pressure.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk for the position. Seems to have some trouble reading defenses over the middle of the field – especially the deep safety – and will throw passes into coverage. Tends to hold the ball too long and needs to learn when to just throw it away. Though he was able to hit the deep pass well in college, he will need to throw with a steeper trajectory in the pros to keep deep passes away from defenders. Doesn’t throw with much touch, and will often throw it too hard for receivers to catch. Not consistently effective passing on the run, and will often throw into coverage. Below-average throwing mechanics when he is on the run, and he doesn’t set feet to pass, resulting in passes that die and negatively impacting his accuracy. Also seems to have some trouble throwing passes to running backs in the flat. Tends to tighten up in the pocket, throwing off his throwing motion. Tore left ACL in November 2013 and had surgery, missing the rest of the season, returning to throw at his April pro day.

Projection: There is probably no reason to draft him in fantasy rookie drafts, but keep an eye on him in the preseason to see how he improves with NFL coaching.

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