Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor

Redskins, Round 6. Was a redshirt junior and former transfer from Oregon. Went much later than I expected, which was Round 3. Released by Washington, DC, team in August. May be the best of the smaller backs in this draft and he should become a pretty good contributor on some team. Needs to work on his pass blocking if he is to become an effective third-down back in the NFL, though. Until then, he won’t see much action, I think. Should eventually be a solid change-of-pace back in a committee approach.

Positives: Though his height and weight are slightly below-average, he has a solid build. Adequate hand size. Runs with above-average speed and good burst. Is very agile and has quick feet per sudden changes in direction. Very good vision behind the line and in the open field. Patient and makes his way through the line appearing almost leisurely. Very effective on outside runs, where he can use his quickness to make individual defenders miss. Good balance after contact and when making cuts. Very nimble on the sidelines, and can tiptoe the line and then cut it back inside. Good effort. Great vertical leap.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and bulk for the position. Below-average upper body strength for the position. After contact, he tends to lean in rather than churn his legs to break through. Though he is very effective on outside runs, he has a harder time on runs up the middle. Looks like he will freelance at times and not follow his blockers. Sometimes appears hesitant. Below-average pass blocker – doesn’t meet defenders far up enough away from the quarterback and he tends to lower his head before impact, get stood up by defenders and bowled over. Injured groin in November 2013 and missed some time, but played in bowl game.

Projection: Even though he’s been released, he’s still definitely worth holding onto in dynasty leagues because he’ll make another team and contribute.

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