Carlos Hyde, RB/FB, Ohio State

49ers, Round 2. Of course he goes to the 49ers. They only have three or four other RBs who would start for any other team. He’s a good fit there, talent-wise, but I really don’t see how it helps his fantasy prospects. He has Frank Gore ahead of him, and Marcus Lattimore is apparently back from injury now. Has the skills to be a successful power back in a committee approach.

Positives: Good height and bulk– probably large enough to be a fullback. Above-average hand size. Good hands – extends well. Adequate speed for his size, but with above-average burst. Though his track speed is below average for the position, it is above-average for his size. Also has quick feet for his size that allow him to make subtle changes of direction. Runs with above-average power – breaks arm tackles and fights hard in short-yardage situations. Knocks back defenders on impact. Gets low in short yardage situations to tunnel for extra yards. Runs with nice lean and leverage and almost always falls forward for extra yards after contact. Doesn’t waste motion while making moves – consistently moves forward. Subtle shifts in the open field. Above-average cutback vision. Decisive and almost never gets caught in the backfield. Above-average hands and shows good concentration in traffic, coming down with the ball even when he’s hit. Keeps squared well in run blocking and gives consistent effort. Good blocker on the run. Also has special-teams experience as a gunner on the punt coverage team. Fairly tough — sprained right MCL in Sept 2012 but missed little time. Adequate upper body strength.

Negatives: below-average track speed for the position. At times, conditioning seems to be an issue, and he will tire in games. Dismissed from team in summer 2013 for assaulting a woman, but charges were dropped. Still suspended for first three games of the season. Injured hamstring at Combine and was limited for the next month.

Projection: He probably had immediate RB2 potential before he went to the 49ers. Now, draft him as a long-term hold with eventual RB2 potential.

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