JC Copeland, FB/TE, Louisiana State

UDFA. Signed by the Cowboys as a UDFA in May but was released in August.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Adequate height for a running back. Great bulk for a tight end, and huge for a fullback. Above-average hand size. Pretty good speed for his size. Very good run blocker and can knock defenders off their feet. Is able to keep his base and drive defenders. Okay hands. Okay speed for a fullback. Above-average power, and is hard to bring down in goal line situations. Adequate upper body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height for a fullback. Probably too bulky to play running back and could probably lose around 20 pounds and become a more effective fullback. Too short for a tight end. Would probably be a better runner 20 pounds lighter. Slightly below-average speed for a fullback, but above-average for his size. Would probably run better if he were lighter. Poor ability to change directions and poor lateral quickness. Runs top-heavy, and is not balanced as a runner, and is easily knocked off of his feet. Will miss his blocks at times in goal line situations. Runs too upright in goal-line situations.

Projection: Almost nobody uses a fullback in the NFL anymore, but he should be able to find a place somewhere as a short-yardage back, blocker or just on a practice squad somewhere. Probably not fantasy relevant, but would help some team’s running backs.

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