Tommy Rees, QB, Notre Dame

Redskins, UDFA. He doesn’t have the skills to succeed consistently in the NFL. May stick around as a developmental prospect or practice squad player for a bit.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Though he lacks height, he has adequate bulk for the position. He has experience running a pro-style offense in college. Throws with adequate velocity, and has nice touch over linebackers on intermediate routes.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height. Below-average arm strength. Generally below-average accuracy at all levels and on the move. He seems to make a lot of decisions before the snap – eyeballing receivers and consistently missing better reads, bypassing better passing options once the play begins. Below-average throwing mechanics – he tends to push the ball rather than throwing it, and will throw off his back foot without pressure. His footwork is also erratic, and he seems skittish in the pocket. His decision-making is suspect under pressure and in the red zone, and he will throw it when he should just run it. Very slow track speed and poor lower-body explosiveness. Consistently throws it into coverage on deep patterns. He seems unwilling to run the ball. Minor character red flag – was arrested for resisting arrest and underage alcohol consumption in January 2012.

Projection: No need to draft him in fantasy football.

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