Keith Price, QB, Washington

UDFA. Wash.: Was signed by the Seahawks as UDFA in May but released in June. He is athletic enough to stick around as a developmental prospect or practice squad player, but not talented enough to be a heavy contributor on game day or on your fantasy team. At his best, he could be a Terrelle Pryor who requires a very long developmental period.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Has experience running a pro-style offense. Above-average hand size. Has adequate arm strength. Seems poised under pressure. He is an effective runner with adequate speed. Above-average quickness, and is fairly elusive. He knows when to throw the ball away and protects the ball well inside the pocket under pressure. Fairly tough – he injured his shoulder in November 2013 but started the bowl game.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk. Ran a spread offense in college, and may not be ready for a pro-style NFL offense. Is less of a passer than a runner – is to willing to run the ball, and hesitates to pull the trigger when a receiver is open. Below-average accuracy on timing patterns, deep passes, and on the move. Generally streaky accuracy. Below-average velocity, and he needs to learn to vary his velocity. He also throws a wobbly pass. Long overhand delivery and defensive backs get a big jump on his passes. Doesn’t read defenses well. He has a heavy tendency to lock onto his receivers. On the run, he shows generally poor ball security technique, holding the ball in one hand and away from his body, which results in fumbles either with little or no contact. Injured shoulder in November 2013 and missed some time.

Projection: No need to draft in fantasy in the near term.

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