Jordan Lynch, QB/RB, Northern Illinois

UDFA. Was signed by the Bears as a UDFA but released in August  He might get a chance as a developmental quarterback or running back prospect – possibly on practice squad. His running and improvisational skills will be valuable in some offensive packages and systems. His decision-making may be his biggest drawback as a quarterback, and I expect him to be more successful in the NFL as possibly a running back. As a QB, I don’t think he’s worth drafting in fantasy leagues.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Adequate bulk, and solid for his height. Okay velocity. Above-average accuracy on short and medium passes. Adequate arm strength. Keeps his eyes downfield on the run. Good at improvisation, and can make positive plays out of broken plays. Good runner who looks to run first. Is a very effective runner, and has pro potential at running back. Above-average speed and power. Very good quickness – especially for the position. Fairly patient and lets blocks develop. Knows where the 1st down marker is. Was also pretty good at punting when necessary. Also worked out at defensive back at pro day.

Negatives: Below-average height and hand size. Ran a spread offense in college, and was mostly expected to run and improvise, so he may not be ready for an NFL offense. Below-average accuracy on deep passes, and they tend to sail on him and go out of bounds. Below-average accuracy on the move. He tends to lock onto his receivers. Below-average throwing mechanics – throws off back foot consistently with no pressure. Has a three-quarter release and usually throws a wobbly pass. Under pressure, he consistently throws the ball into coverage and misses open reads. Is often hesitant and late to pull the trigger, and will hang out his receivers to dry – especially in the red zone. Needs to vary velocity – tends to throw bullets on short passes, but was improved by senior year. Below-average ball security – holds ball too loosely. Doesn’t feel blind-side rush. Is less of a passer than a runner. His power running style could spell injury trouble in the pros.

Projection: He’s not worth drafting in dynasty leagues.

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2 Responses to Jordan Lynch, QB/RB, Northern Illinois

  1. TW says:

    Really enjoy reading your scouting reports. It’s nice to see someone focus on the lesser-known guys. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more as the draft approaches.

    • Hey, thanks! Glad you liked them. I usually say this is just a hobby, but it tends to be a nearly-full-time one this time of year. Closer to the draft, I want to get a lot more on the blog as I finish up the all-star games and write up my notes.

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