Jeff Mathews, QB, Cornell: FCS Division

UDFA. Signed by the Falcons as a UDFA but was released in August and put on the Colts practice squad. He has enough skills that it will be worthwhile for the team to try to develop him into a solid backup.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Has good height and bulk for the position and stands tall in the pocket. Great hand size. Throws with above-average arm strength, deep touch and accuracy. Adequate velocity. Shows fair anticipation and accuracy. Tough – played through numerous injuries in 2012. Though not exactly elusive, he is quick enough to sidestep rushers up the middle.

Negatives: Poor speed for the position. Has a tendency to lock onto his receivers. A bit of an injury history. He is not very elusive, and has below-average quickness and ability to change directions. He needs to learn to vary his velocity – throwing with more authority to fit the ball into tight windows. Forces a lot of passes. Longish windup. Below-average ball security in the pocket. Doesn’t read the deep safety well.

Projection: No need to draft in dynasty.

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