Caleb Herring, QB, Nevada-Las Vegas

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Above-average height. Adequate hand size. Is versatile, and also played wide receiver in 2012 and was also the holder on field goals in college. When flushed out of the pocket, he keeps his eyes downfield and shows adequate accuracy on the run.

Negatives: Below-average bulk – more of a wide receiver build. Lost the starting quarterback job in 2012 to a freshman, and didn’t start again until early 2013. Ran a spread offense in college, and may not be ready for a more pro-style NFL offense. Below-average accuracy on short and medium passes and, even in short spaces, he will throw the ball behind receivers. Makes a lot of decisions before the snap, and eyeballs his receivers consistently. Below-average velocity. He tends to hold the ball too long. On the run, he will often throw across his body and not set his feet, losing velocity and giving defensive backs a jump on the ball. Mechanically, he is inconsistent. He has a fairly long delivery with a release point that drops down to sidearm at times, adding to his inaccuracy. He consistently throws off his back foot. Under pressure, his throwing motion tightens up and it becomes more about his arm than about his whole body. Below-average speed and acceleration, and doesn’t look like a natural runner. Seems to run out of control and will often slip making cuts. Inside the pocket, he is not very elusive and doesn’t seem to realize where defenders are coming from.

Projection: UDFA. Because of his versatility, I expect him to at least get into a camp. I don’t expect him to make a team – at least right away. His best bet might be the CFL. No need to draft in fantasy.

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