Sean Schroeder, QB, Hawaii

Former transfer from Duke.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: He is a generally accurate thrower with nice touch within 20 yards. Above-average accuracy on short routes. Throws with very nice touch on passes to the flat and his short and medium passes are very catchable. On his dropback, he holds the ball at the ready, which allows for a quick release. He sets up quickly in the pocket. As a runner, he shows average speed, but is willing to run when necessary. Gives extra effort on runs to get the first down.

Negatives: Slighty below-average height and bulk for the position – built more like a wide receiver. Below-average arm strength and velocity. He has to put way too much air under passes to get them deep, and his intermediate passes will die after about 20 yards. Generally poor accuracy on routes past 30 yards. On the run and outside of the pocket, his accuracy suffers. He also looks inexperienced at throwing deep, and doesn’t read the deep safety well. In the red zone, he appears indecisive, and will hesitate to throw.

Projection: UDFA. In some systems, such as a West Coast system, he may be an adequate backup. He will likely never start in the NFL, though, barring some transformation such as Graham Harrell and Chase Daniel saw in the past 5 years with a patient quarterback coach and some weight room work.

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