QB Nathan Stanley, Southeast Louisiana

Ravens, UDFA. SE La.: Former transfer from Mississippi. Great height, but slightly below-average bulk.

Positives: Fairly quick release. Average speed. Willing to run.

Negatives: Below-average velocity. Below-average arm and deep accuracy. Throws into coverage often. No follow-through on delivery. Doesn’t move well inside pocket under pressure. Throws a wobbly pass. Doesn’t have a nose for the first-down marker. Misses open reads when on the run. Below-average quickness and overall athleticism.

Projection: Will compete with Caleb Hanie for third QB spot, but doesn’t have NFL tools.

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5 Responses to QB Nathan Stanley, Southeast Louisiana

  1. Mike S says:

    This may be the absolute worst scouting report on a player I’ve ever seen. At best, it’s the laziest. Nathan Stanley may have the best arm of the 2013 QB class and can make any throw on the field. He’s raw because he’s really only played one year as a starter, but has big upside. Try flipping on the tape or at least talking some people who know.

  2. The worst? That’s possible. But I did see him play in the Casino del Sol and Shrine all-star games this year. In those games, he was a combined 4 of 14 for 38 yards with 3 INTs. And I keep hearing about how he has a great arm, but I only write things I’ve actually seen — and the deep passes I’ve seen him throw have fluttered and been off the mark.

  3. That’s a good-looking highlight reel. But that’s what it is — highlights. Every QB has them when you go through a season of tape. Still doesn’t convince me that Stanley’s an NFL-level talent. But scouting reports are always works in progress, and I keep my eyes on everyone in the preseason, so it may change the more I see him.

  4. Mike S says:

    You said he has “below average arm and deep accuracy … doesn’t move well in pocket under pressure … throws a wobbly pass.” While these are highlights, they show his skill set and physical capabilities, and if your report was accurate, I doubt you could scrape together 10 minutes worth of highlights showing the opposite. I’m not saying he’s going to make the Ravens active roster, but he is an NFL talent, at least physically. He needs to be developed.

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