WR/PR Tavarres King, Georgia

Broncos, 5th round. Ga.: Adequate size. Average hand size.

Positives: Hands catcher and extends well. Above-average quickness. Above-average speed. Above-average routes with good double moves. Above-average acceleration. Nice concentration, even when he knows a hit is coming. Adjusts fairly well to off-target passes. Tracks well. Nimble on sidelines. Makes good decisions on punt returns. Adequate athleticism in Combine measurements.

Negatives: Falls often after the catch. Lacks physicality against press coverage and tries to finesse. Below-average upper-body strength.

Projection: On Broncos, I don’t expect him to start over Demaryius Thomas or Eric Decker, but could back up either of them. Should do well if he gets a chance to start, though, and he should have a solid NFL career. Draft as an immediate WR5 but a potential WR2.

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