WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

Vikings, 1st round. Tenn.: Junior who has declared for 2013 NFL Draft. Good size.

Positives: Adequate hands and concentration — will come down with contested passes. Adjusts fairly well to off-target passes. Quick in and out of breaks. Very physical style and uses it well to shield defenders and fight for ball. Makes up for raw route running by having a large catch radius and excellent athleticism. Knows when to use quickness for YAC and when to just head upfield — doesn’t waste time dancing before getting upfield. Above-average vision for extra yards with ball in his hands. Strong and fights for extra yards. Decisive as a KR and PR and, though he will go sideways at times, stays going in forward direction. Adequate athleticism in Combine measurements.

Negatives: Only has one year of major college experience. Inconsistent hands and has a habit of dropping some wide-open passes. Raw route runner. Suspect concentration over middle. Immature and will likely not be a favorite of referees — likes to showboat. Reportedly did poorly on the Wonderlic intelligence test.

Projection: Goes to a WR depth chart featuring Greg Jennings and Jerome Simpson, so he won’t have to be the number-one WR right away, but will be able to be rotated in with package of plays. This will give him time to figure out the pro game and improve his routes. Once he does that (if he does that), he’ll be super-difficult to cover. But his immaturity may keep him from making the effort to improve. Draft as an immediate WR4 with WR2 potential in 2014 and WR1 potential down the road.

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