Ranking the WRs in the 2013 Draft

This is not a year with AJ Green/Julio Jones-type obvious top-flight WR prospects, but it is a year with immense depth. And, in the right situation, any of the players on this list can be productive in the NFL.

Your top tier is Cordarrelle Patterson and Tavon Austin, and you probably couldn’t find two more dissimilar body types at WR. Patterson is the more traditional athletic specimen who is raw but is so athletic that he should develop into a top-10 WR by 2014. Austin is a small WR who is just ridiculously quick and elusive. He’ll probably be used in the slot primarily in the NFL, but, if the offensive coordinator he works with is smart, he’ll get touches from the slot, on outside screens, and also in the backfield.

The second tier in 2013 is very large, and goes from numbers 3-11 on my list. Of them, Robert Woods, Stedman Bailey and Keenan Allen probably have the best shots to be very solid possession receivers in the NFL, and are the most likely to be WR2s on the next level.

In dynasty fantasy football, anybody below 11 here is worth keeping and could definitely be a solid fill-in down the road.

  1. Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee
  2. Tavon Austin, West Virginia
  3. Robert Woods, Southern California
  4. DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson
  5. Stedman Bailey, West Virginia
  6. Keenan Allen, California
  7. Justin Hunter, Tennessee
  8. Josh Boyce, TCU
  9. Da’Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech
  10. Chad Bumphis, Mississippi State
  11. Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech
  12. Aaron Dobson, Marshall
  13. Marquise Goodwin, Texas
  14. Tavarres King, Georgia
  15. Terrance Williams, Baylor
  16. Lanear Sampson, Baylor
  17. TJ Moe, Missouri
  18. Darrin Moore, Texas Tech
  19. Ryan Swope, Texas A&M
  20. Conner Vernon, Duke
  21. Martel Moore, Northern Illinois
  22. Kenny Stills, Oklahoma
  23. Omarius Hines, Florida
  24. Denard Robinson, Michigan
  25. Markus Wheaton, Oregon State
  26. Jasper Collins, Mount Union
  27. Alec Lemon, Syracuse
  28. Brandon Kaufman, Eastern Washington
  29. Perez Ashford, Northern Illinois
  30. Ace Sanders, South Carolina
  31. Brice Butler, San Diego State
  32. Uzoma Nwachukwu, Texas A&M
  33. Erik Highsmith, North Carolina
  34. Myles White, Louisiana Tech
  35. Darryl Stonum, Baylor
  36. Chris Denton, Mount Union
  37. Jameze Massey, Winston-Salem State
  38. Eric Monette, Western Michigan
  39. Cobi Hamilton, Arkansas
  40. Chris Harper, Kansas State
  41. Russell Shepard, LSU
  42. Mike Shanahan, Pittsburgh
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