RB Johnathan Franklin, UCLA

Packers, 4th round. UCLA: Adequate height but slightly below-average bulk. Average hand size.

Positives: Slippery — average power but breaks a lot of arm tackles. Above-average speed. Very good balance after contact. Has the speed and vision to bounce runs outside. Fairly creative. When he sees hole, explodes through it. Adequate hands. Very quick feet. Understands routes and how to set up defenders. Patient on outside runs. Has learned to protect the ball better. Seemed much improved as a pass blocker at Senior Bowl practices, where he met defenders and kept after them.

Negatives: Runs a little out of control and has suspect balance making cuts. Used to have fumbling issues. Seems to lack vision and will miss some cutback opportunities and run into his own linemen. As pass blocker, tends to wait for defender to come to him and can be bullrushed.

Projection: With his improving pass-protection ability, he should be able to step in right away as the team’s 3rd-down back and do very well at it. Will pair nicely with fellow rookie Eddie Lacy, but Franklin has the best potential of the two. Draft as an immediate RB3 with RB1 potential.

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