RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama

Packers, 2nd round. Ala.: Junior who has declared for 2013 NFL Draft. Very good size. Above-average hand size.

Positives: Adequate pass blocker. Good power. Drives through tacklers in open field. Average burst and speed, but good for his size. Adequate overall athleticism. Falls forward consistently. Has enough long speed for the NFL and his size. Above-average vision. Good balance after contact. Digs feet in for quick cutback. Above-average ball security and holds ball high and tight through traffic. Surprisingly nimble feet for his size. Also surprisingly agile in the open field. Patient and waits for blocks to develop. Can’t be arm tackled — needs to be wrapped up well to be brought down.

Negatives: Has history of slight, nagging injuries. Hurt ankle in early Sept 2012 game. Had spring 2012 surgery for turf toe. Injured hamstring in February 2013. Lets defenders through too early as pass blocker. Below-average hands and tends to double clutch or look upfield early and drop easy passes. Below-average concentration on easy passes.

Projection: He’s probably the best power back in the draft and has enough speed and agility to give him the most potential as a feature back of the 2013 class. But his injury history, suspect pass-blocking ability, and suspect conditioning give me some doubts about his long-term outlook. However, he joins a Packers team in dire need of a feature back. And even though he doesn’t look like a natural receiver, he is very experienced at it. Draft as a RB2 with RB1 upside if he stays healthy (a big if).

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