WR Lavasier Tuinei, Oregon

Seahawks, UDFA. Ore.: Very good size. Good hand size.

Positives: Above-average speed for the size. Has good balance after contact. Long wingspan. Very good hands and great concentration. Adjusts very well to errant passes. Hands reach up quickly to snag passes. Willing to be physical. Showed excellent quickness in Pro Day drills, even though it doesn’t seem to show up in games.

Negatives: Slightly lumbering after the catch — sometimes looks like Roy Williams, which isn’t a good thing. Suspect balance making cuts. Rounds off routes constantly due to lack of quickness. Weak upper body.

Projection: He should probably be around 7th or 8th on the depth chart, and isn’t likely to make a team. Best shot to stay on a team is on a practice squad, but doesn’t look like an NFL-quality WR. Then again, Roy Williams hasn’t been one in years, either, and he was still playing last year.

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