2009 NFL Draft QB Rankings

This is a look back at how I ranked quarterbacks in my first year of draft study. Not bad, though I’d definitely switch Sanchez and Stafford at the top and move Curtis Painter a lot lower (I only ranked him so high back then because he was able to step into such a great Colts offense).

  1. Mark Sanchez: Jets, 1st round. Will be a full-time starter by 2nd year. All the skills necessary. Great leader. Was in a pro-style offense in college. Very hard worker and student of the game. Makes quick reads. Has personality to handle NY media, and the team will love him. Didn’t start out OTAs well, but his last practice was his best. Slightly suspect durability.
  2. Matthew Stafford: Lions, 1st round. Strong arm, good touch and leadership. All-American. Will start for Lions by 2010, and probably will see field in 2009. With Calvin Johnson and Pettigrew, this has the makings of a good offense for years if he’s more Favre than Grossman. Is said to have been very impressive at OTAs so far. Jittery and has inconsistent decision-making skills. Riskier pick than Sanchez, I think.
  3. Josh Freeman: Buccaneers, 1st round. Big, strong, accurate on the run, with good escapability. Compared to Jamarcus Russell. AAHM. Originally thought to be a long-term project, is now thought to be in the mix as a starter from day one. Inconsistent accuracy and decision-making skills.
  4. Nate Davis: 49ers, 5th round. Great arm – threw 70 yards at skills competition. Very fluid release — seems effortless. Accurate on run. Makes all the throws. Not great height. Struggled with some of the better competition. Documented learning disability — is a visual learner rather than one who learns from written word. Fact he operated from spread offense means he may struggle with complicated offense. Should be their 3rd QB in 2009, with potential to move to #2 in 2010. Could start by 2011. Undervalued.
  5. Hunter Cantwell: Panthers, FA. Good Shrine practices. Improving mechanics. Seems coachable, and should get that with Panthers. Should be #3 QB when season starts, and #2 by 2010. May be starter when Delhomme retires. Probably no need to draft him, though,
  6. Pat White: Dolphins, 2nd round. Small for a QB, but great fit for a Wildcat offense. Smart and vocal leader. Impressed at Senior Bowl, where he missed some early reads, but got better. Stepped into throws. Showed good deep touch. Was accurate on the run, and was a great college runner. Showing great accuracy in workouts. Should be Dolphins’ #3 QB right away, but its #1 Wildcat QB. Going to the “original” Wildcat team means he should have immediate impact as a runner and, somewhat, as a passer. Not showing very well at OTAs, though. Threw with gloves in college, but is trying to go without gloves at OTAs. Probably won’t be worth drafting because he won’t be great at either WR or QB positions.
  7. Curtis Painter: Colts, 6th round. Great production in college, but was injured senior year. Good size and good play-fakes. Came from spread offense, and doesn’t make great decisions in the pocket and is inaccurate outside the pocket. Accurate and good zip at pro day. As Manning’s backup, probably won’t see the field except in Week 17. May replace Sorgi as #2 or stay on practice squad. Not fantasy-relevant until Manning’s gone — probably not until 2013. Has impressed with how quickly he has picked up offense. No need to draft him.
  8. Stephen McGee: Cowboys, 4th round. Good practices at Shrine Game. Quick grasp of offenses. Good reads, accuracy, and release. Mostly worked underneath and middle. Needs to look off receiver, but has good deep pass. Will be their #3 QB behind Romo and Kitna in 2009, but #2 in 2010. Unless Romo gets hurt, though, will be fantasy backup for years. Has looked polished in OTAs, though.
  9. Rhett Bomar: Giants, 5th round. Good escapability and running. Accurate in college, but not at Senior Bowl. Good mechanics. Best senior in Senior Bowl practices. Good zip on ball, but needs better touch. Late on reads. Holds ball too long. Wasn’t great deep at Senior Bowl. Will fight it out with Andre Woodson for #3 QB role, but should win the battle. Needs at least 2 years on bench, though, to be starter-worthy, and will get that with Manning and Carr ahead of him. Said to have improved as minicamps went on. Not fantasy-relevant until 2011 regardless.
  10. Mike Reilly: Steelers, FA. Great size. Good decision-making and accuracy when on, but inconsistent. Good on run. Good size. Bad mechanics and deep ball. Will have long developmental period, and will get that on Steelers behind Roethlisberger. Will battle with Dixon for #3 QB spot in 2009, but will probably end up on a practice squad.
  11. Brian Hoyer: Patriots, FA. Good size and good on the run. Good leader. Good timing and touch. Inaccurate at times. Weak arm. Not impressive in bowl game, but better during Shrine Game. Maybe was a victim of dropped passes in college. Could be #3 QB in 2009, and he needs the years until Brady retires to learn the craft. Fantasy-relevant in 2011 and beyond as either handcuff or eventual starter.
  12. John Parker Wilson: Falcons, FA. Showed good mechanics and fair decision-making. Good accuracy on run, and has good escapability. Average arm strength. More bad passes than good at Senior Bowl. Not good deep. May be an INT machine. With Ryan as the starter, won’t be better than #3 QB in 2009. May be their #2 by 2010, but won’t see the field except as injury replacement. With Ryan on roster, Wilson won’t be fantasy relevant until 2011 at earliest, and then only as handcuff.
  13. Tom Brandstater: Broncos, 5th round. Good size and throws well on the run. Suspect field vision. Takes too many chances and is very inaccurate, overthrowing many receivers. Will have chance to learn behind Orton and Simms, but not fantasy-relevant until 2011 at earliest.
  14. Mike Teel: Seahawks, 5th round. Great size. A little slow. Average production in college, even throwing to Britt. Average performance at all-star game. However, did finish senior season with 22 TDs and 6 INTs in last 6 games. Should be their #3, and may be #2 by 2010. Not fantasy relevant until 2011 at earliest, but I don’t think he has great NFL skills.
  15. Rodney Landers: Buccaneers, FA. Small size, but good FCS-level production both rushing and passing.  May have position change in NFL, or may function in some version of the Wildcat. May just stick around to be scout team Wildcat QB. Probably will stick on team for versatility. Not fantasy relevant yet.
  16. Chase Patton: Bears, FA. Good awareness and great size. Good touch on short passes, but inaccurate at other times. Will battle with Basanez for practice-squad or #3 spot, but has no fantasy relevance for years.
  17. Cullen Harper: Bills, FA. Good size, but erratic, and it showed at Senior Bowl. Accuracy is a major issue. Only shot on team is as practice squad.
  18. David Johnson: Packers, FA. Good size and average athleticism. Was one of the most productive QBs in college. Came from spread offense, and was uncomfortable under center. Doesn’t make quick decisions, and looks skittish in the pocket. Suspect accuracy. In Packers camp on a tryout basis. Best bet is probably a practice squad position, since they have their depth chart pretty much set with young talent.
  19. Keith Null: Rams, 6th round. Fluid throwing motion, but inaccurate. A project and practice-squad  player, at best, competing for QB3 on Rams.
  20. Chase Daniel: Redskins, FA. Stock is falling fast. Inaccurate. Bad pocket presence. Above-average mobility. Bad Shrine game and practices. Will have to beat out Colt Brennan for spot, and will most likely lose the battle. Not fantasy relevant.
  21. Chris Pizzotti: Jets, FA. Very intelligent. Great size and OK athleticism. Grandfather was first pick in 1946 draft as QB. Will probably be practice-squad player, and won’t be fantasy relevant with Sanchez on team.
  22. Tyler Lorenzen: FA. Great QB size, and athletic enough that he worked out as safety for Patriots. May make squad as a long-term project at either QB or TE, but won’t be fantasy relevant for a while. Cut by Jaguars on 9/1.
  23. Rudy Carpenter: Cowboys, FA. Good size and speed. Good at avoiding turnovers. Will compete with McGee for practice-squad spot, but has little chance of making the team.
  24. Drew Willy: FA. Good size. Has good touch, but a weak arm. Came from small school and spread offense and will have a long learning curve. Suspect decision-making and is inconsistent with making correct reads. Probably a practice-squad player, but has a chance to be #3 in time. Has several years to go before becoming fantasy relevant, though. Signed to contract after minicamp, but cut after OTAs. Signed by Baltimore, then cut on 9/1.
  25. Joe Ganz: Redskins, FA. Below-average size, and is probably just training camp fodder, with Chase Daniel also invited to camp.
  26. Todd Boeckman: FA. Great size. Lost job to freshman as senior, but QBed them to national championship game in 2007. OK pro day. Pretty fast.  Waived by Jaguars at start of training camp.
  27. Drew Weatherford: Bears, FA. Good size. Was starter for 2 years, but lost job in senior year. In Bears camp on tryout basis.
  28. Sean Glennon: FA. Long windup and throws high a lot. Good athleticism. May compete somewhere to be practice-squad player, but doesn’t have NFL tools. Waived by Vikings after OTAs.
  29. Graham Harrell: FA. Poised, but has inconsistent mechanics. No follow-through. Doesn’t make good reads. Has no zip on ball, Doesn’t make good intermediate throws. A lot of short-hop passes. Will need time, since he comes from shotgun offense. Struggled at pro day. In Browns camp on tryout basis, but not signed. Will play with Saskatchewan Roughriders in CFL. Probably will never be a good pro.
  30. Nathan Brown: FA. Inaccurate, bad mechanics, bad reads. From shotgun offense, and fumbled snap in Senior Bowl. FA. Cut by Jaguars after minicamp. Is at best a practice-squad player.
  31. Jason Boltus: Hartwick. Good escapability and great arm strength. Poised and aware. Bad mechanics and accuracy. Was signed by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.
  32. Gary Rogers: Wash. St. 6’6” size with good athleticism.
  33. Nate Longshore: Cal. Great size.
  34. Brian Johnson: Playing with UFL. Average size and athleticism. In Packers camp on a tryout basis, but not signed.
  35. Chase Holbrook: NM St. Great size. Very accurate in college. May have limited arm strength and mobility.
  36. Brock Smith: Liberty. OK size and athleticism. Looked good at pro day.
  37. Bobby Reid: Tex. Southern.  Great size. Strong arm. Recovering from ACL injury.
  38. Brian Brunner: Cent. Mich. Average size. Intelligent with above-average athleticism. Said to lack arm strength and deep accuracy.
  39. Willie Tuitama: Ariz. Great size, but average speed and athleticism. Immature and was arrested on DUI.
  40. Casey Dick: Arkansas. Operated in pro-style offense with OK production. May play in Canada.
  41. Liam Coen: UMass. Operated in pro-style offense with adequate results. Not terribly athletic.
  42. Patrick Cowan: UCLA. Good size. Not effective at pro day.


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