WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina

Texans, UDFA. N. Car.: Very good size. Solidly built. Average hand size.

Positives: Long wingspan. Good strength after catch. Generally very good hands. Very good concentration — caught tipped ball for TD in 2011 bowl game. Fights for ball in traffic. Very good body control. Adequate upper-body strength. Adequate speed.

Negatives: Suspect route running — looks like he’ll need a lot of work there. Below-average change-of-direction skills and has to dial down feet a lot to make cuts. Inconsistent hands — dropped a few easy passes in 2011 bowl game. Sometimes tries to one-hand passes for no reason.

Projection: I had a 2nd-round grade on him, but character concerns dropped him out of the draft completely — but into a very nice undrafted position. Kind of a cross between two former N. Car. WRs — Hakeem Nicks and Greg Little. Has WR1 potential, and is athletic, but raw. Will need a year or two, and will get that on Texans while also getting enough shots here and there to make him worth drafting in rookie drafts and stashing for a while. WR4 right away with WR1 potential in a few years.

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