TE/FB Evan Rodriguez, Temple

More FB size than TE. Average hand size. Chargers have shown interest.

Positives: Good vertical leap. OK speed and hands. Tracks passes well over shoulder. Has speed to stretch the seam and runs good routes. Looked more comfortable blocking from FB position at Shrine Game practices.

Negatives: Trouble blocking quick rushers in pass protection. Lacks strength at point of attack as inline run blocker. Below-average upper-body strength.

Projection: 6th round. Would be more valuable in a West Coast offense if he develops as a blocker. Could develop into an Aaron Hernandez type playing well all over the field, but not at the same level. May be worth drafting late in deep dynasty leagues. At least keep an eye on him in preseason.

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6 Responses to TE/FB Evan Rodriguez, Temple

  1. Temple Tuff says:

    “Trouble blocking quick rushers in pass protection?”

    He led the team in receptions on a team that had just over 100 receptions, so he rarely ever blocked in passing situations. So how do you figure that comment? And his foot speed was clearly shown in every agility and speed drill.

    Poor research my friend.

  2. ringthane says:

    As I wrote, he looked more comfortable blocking from the FB position. When he was put in inline pass-blocking situations in the Shrine Game practices and in the game, he got caught flat-footed often and had to lunge in order to try to make contact with the speed rushers who were otherwise blowing right by him. Whether that’s a function of his not having experience with pass blocking, a physical limitation, or a history of improper coaching, I don’t know. Because he has quick feet, he may be able to improve in this area. But this is what I saw of him. Not saying he can’t improve that with proper coaching at the next level.

  3. eye in the sky says:

    Ok thanks for explaining that, although not sure we were at the same week of practice and game. Like you wrote in your bio, you’re just an obsessed fan.

    That explains a lot.

  4. ringthane says:

    Maybe. Or maybe, since you’re a Temple fan, you evaluate Temple TEs like Mr. Rodriguez differently than I do. That could explain it, too.

  5. eye in the sky says:

    Your assessment of his E/W Shrine game practices and game performance are one of a kind, as in, no one “saw” what you did. But I guess anyone can start their own website, especially with Fantasy in the header.

    Good luck.

    • ringthane says:

      Contrary to what you say, I’m NOT the only one un-infatuated with Evan Rodriguez so far. Here’s one… http://bit.ly/A5JgSe. And one mentioning his current lack of blocking ability: http://cbsprt.co/AyEAow. And if starting a website is easy, blind homerism and anonymous blog commenting are even easier. I’ll change my assessment of Evan Rodriguez if or when I see something different from him.

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