Ranking the TEs in the 2012 NFL Draft

Updated 4/30/2012

This TE class is pretty sub-par — whereas maybe 12-15 TEs are usually drafted each year, 9 were drafted in 2012. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that the college offenses are de-emphasizing the traditional TE position in favor of a hybrid H-back type. As a result, there are fewer of the all-around TEs that the NFL would like to have.

Of course, another result of that is NFL teams are changing their own offenses toward the hybrid H-back — a moving piece that can be used all over the field to create mismatches. So, although NFL teams would LIKE to have an all-around TE like a Jason Witten, those are a little thin on the ground these days. Instead, they’re starting to look for TEs who are too big for a safety to cover, too strong for a CB to cover, and too fast for a LB to cover.

If your dynasty team is lacking at the TE position, you’re probably going to want to acquire one via trade or FA this year, because the pickings are fairly slim if you want a starter at the position.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Coby Fleener, Stanford, Colts
  2. Michael Egnew, Missouri, Dolphins
  3. Dwayne Allen, Clemson, Colts
  4. Orson Charles, Georgia, Bengals
  5. Ladarius Green, Lousiana-Lafayette, Chargers
  6. James Hanna, Oklahoma, Cowboys
  7. Evan Rodriguez, Temple, Bears
  8. Brad Smelley, Alabama, Browns
  9. Brian Linthicum, Michigan State, Jets
  10. Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati, Giants
  11. Emil Igwenagu, Massachusetts, Eagles
  12. Chase Ford, Miami, Eagles
  13. David Paulson, Oregon, Steelers
  14. Deangelo Peterson, LSU, Rams
  15. Andrew Szczerba, Penn State, Cowboys
  16. Matt Veldman, North Dakota State, Jaguars
  17. George Bryan, North Carolina State, Cowboys
  18. Sean McGrath, Henderson State, Seahawks
  19. Tiree Eure, Minnesota, Vikings
  20. Cory Harkey, UCLA, Rams

And here are my pre-draft rankings from 2/29:

  1. Coby Fleener, Stanford
  2. Orson Charles, Georgia
  3. Michael Egnew, Missouri
  4. Dwayne Allen, Clemson
  5. Ladarius Green, Lousiana-Lafayette
  6. James Hanna, Oklahoma
  7. Brad Smelley, Alabama
  8. Brian Linthicum, Michigan State
  9. Emil Igwenagu, Massachusetts
  10. Evan Rodriguez, Temple
  11. Chase Ford, Miami
  12. Robert Lamont Bryant, Morgan State
  13. Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati
  14. Josh Chichester, Louisville
  15. Beau Reliford, Florida State
  16. David Paulson, Oregon
  17. Trent Ratterree, Oklahoma
  18. Tommy Shaver, Liberty
  19. Deangelo Peterson, LSU
  20. Andrew Szczerba, Penn State
  21. Danny Noble, Toledo
  22. Kyle Efaw, Boise State
  23. George Bryan, North Carolina State
  24. Kevin Koger, Michigan
  25. Matt Veldman, North Dakota State
  26. Clay Sears, Tulsa
  27. Sean McGrath, Henderson State
  28. Bristan Kelley, Pittsburg State
  29. Tiree Eure, Minnesota
  30. Tarren Lloyd, Utah State
  31. Cory Harkey, UCLA
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5 Responses to Ranking the TEs in the 2012 NFL Draft

  1. Temple Tuff says:

    Rodriguez at 10? What, before the Combine? You need to do a little more research, he killed it out there on Saturday in Indy.

  2. Adam says:

    How about Colorado’s Ryan Deehan?!

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