2010 Rookie TE Rankings

  1. Jermaine Gresham, Okla.: TE size. Good speed. Excellent receiver, but not asked to block much in college. Didn’t look very smooth at Combine, and dropped several passes in drills. DNP in 2009 — injured.
  2. Aaron Hernandez, Fla.: Nice hands and speed. Runs like a WR, and is shifty after the catch. John Mackey Award winner for best TE. Good size for an H-back, but could stand to add some bulk to be used as TE. Willing blocker, but lack of bulk limits him.
  3. Rob Gronkowski, Ariz. Prototypical TE size. Injured back kept him out all of 2009. Tough to bring down. Catches well with hands. Not great quickness, but has adequate speed and finds soft spots in zones.
  4. Dorin Dickerson, Pitt.: Was AA3T selection at TE. Very athletic, and is used all over the field. Good speed for the TE and FB positions, but not as a WR. Hands may be an issue, and his foot control isn’t great. May end up as H-back in NFL. His prospects depend on whether he goes to offense that’s willing to use him creatively. In Senior Bowl practices, slow coming out of breaks on comebacks.
  5. Jimmy Graham, Miami: Great size. 4.56 speed. Has heavy basketball background and has a lot of upside since he only played one year at TE in college. Moves well for his size. In Senior Bowl practices, showed very good quickness out of breaks. Good concentration. Looked very smooth and showed very natural hands in Combine drills. Dropped pass in Senior Bowl game and also short-armed another.
  6. Colin Peek, Ala.: Great hands and concentration. Good speed and finds open zones well. Willing blocker, but has trouble finding the point of attack. When he locks on, though, he’s solid. Knocked back a couple of times in bowl game. In Senior Bowl practices, seemed tentative.
  7. Dennis Pitta, BYU: AA2T. Great hands and adequate speed. Not very physical, but uses crisp routes to get open. Willing blocker, but H-back size. Reminds me of Chase Coffman. Most natural receiving TE in Shrine Game.
  8. Clay Harbor, Mo. St.: FB/H-Back size. Late addition to Shrine Game, but still showed good hands and ability to find soft zones in coverage. In Texas vs. the Nation practice, showed amazing concentration in tight coverage and amazing hands and body control. Fair blocker.
  9. Garrett Graham, Wis.: H-back height and RB weight, and needs to bulk up to even play H-back in pros. Is a good run blocker. Athletic. Fakes blocks well to get into soft parts of zones. Fumbled during bowl game. In Senior Bowl practices, was not a crisp route runner. Had balance issues staying on feet. Adjusts well to errant passes and has fairly good hands.
  10. Anthony Moeaki, Iowa: H-back size and speed. Can drive defender when he gets a chance to lock on, but lunges too often. Good body control and athleticism.
  11. Andrew Quarless, Penn St.: H-back size and WR speed. Good balance and adjusts well to ball. Go-to guy in bowl game. In Shrine Game practices, didn’t show great effort, though was willing blocker. Very sticky hands in Shrine Game, and caught the game-winning pass. Had trouble catching ball and keeping balance at Combine drills.
  12. Jason Harmon, Fla. Atlantic: FB size, but plays TE. Very athletic. Good burst off the line and good speed. Great concentration and body control. Fights for ball. Not much of a blocker. Dropped pass in game.
  13. Ed Dickson: Ore.: H-back size and speed. Catches well with hands. Fluid runner after the catch. Not used much in bowl game, though was during regular season. In Senior Bowl practices, was a willing blocker, though not a great one.
  14. Jim Dray, Stanford: Good pass-blocker and run blocker. Athletic. Fair speed. Crisp routes.
  15. Jake Ballard, Ohio St.: Good size. Average speed. Sustains blocks well. Has leaping ability and good hands — was a basketball player and moves like one to get open.
  16. Michael Hoomanawanui: Ill.: Good bulk, but slightly short. Good speed for the size. In Senior Bowl practices, showed great hands and hand strength on bullet passes. Hard to bring down. Does most things well, but few things great. No stats in Senior Bowl.
  17. Andrew George, BYU: Has some athleticism. Keeps feet moving. Runs good routes and has good hands. Productive bowl game.
  18. Daniel Beaudin, Mont.: H-back size. Good quickness and route-running. Good run blocker.
  19. Richard Dickson, La. St.: H-back size and speed. Played FB in Shrine Game, but would probably be too tall as a FB. In Shrine Game practices, caught well with hands but did little after the catch — broke long reception in game, though. Willing blocker, but showed only marginal blocking skills.
  20. Peter Bjorvik: Idaho: H-back size. Nice hands and field awareness
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