2010 Draft: Who Will Disappoint?

Who will disappoint

Jimmy Clausen
Notre Dame: Average size. Very accurate passer with adequate arm strength. Seldom makes bad decisions. Works from pro-style offense. Won’t work out until April due to broken toe, which he played on most of the season.

Jonathan Dwyer
Ga. Tech.: Great size and very good lower-body strength. Good forward lean — always pointed downfield for extra inches. Above-average speed for the size, but below-average acceleration and burst. Doesn’t hit hole hard and sometimes seems off balance. Adequate blocker. Played in triple-option offense at Georgia Tech, and will have some adjustments in the NFL.

Arrelious Benn
Ill.: Great size and good speed. Fairly quick for a man his size. Strong upper body. Adjusts well to errant passes. Excellent body control. Has the concentration to make the circus catch, but tends to lose concentration on easy passes. Has some durability issues.

Montario Hardesty
Tenn.: Average size. Classic north-south runner with surprising open-field agility. Good balance, and isn’t easy to bring down. Good receiver. Reputation for good ball security. Only average speed and doesn’t show a lot of change-of-direction ability behind the line. Stopped behind the line more often than not in bowl game. Was chosen for Senior Bowl, but withdrew.

Mike Williams
Syracuse: Questionable dedication to game — quit team midseason. Excellent combination of size and speed. Looked like a competitor at the Combine, getting upset at every dropped pass, whether it was on the money or not.

Joe McKnight
USC: Build and skill-set more like an average WR than a RB. Very good vision and quickness lets him find holes inside as well as get outside, which is where he’s best. Runs upright and doesn’t seem very strong. Also doesn’t run with balance, a trait that may prevent him from being a true RB in pros. Durability also an issue. DNP in bowl — legal trouble.

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