Laquon Treadwell, WR, Mississippi – 2016

Vikings, Round 1. Declared early for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Postseason events: NFL Combine.

Positives: Good height and very good bulk for the position – nearly H-back size. Adequate hand size. Runs pretty good routes, and completes his routes to create separation. Gets good position against defenders on fade routes, leaving himself enough sideline to adjust to the pass. Knows to get past the first down marker on his routes. Generally good hands and can extend well – even over the middle. Tracks well over his inside shoulder. Strong hands and can tear the ball away from defenders. Willing to catch over the middle. Above-average concentration on contested passes. Above-average balance after contact. Versatile, and is a former high school quarterback.

Negatives: Will occasionally let passes get to his body. Below-average vertical leap for the position. Below-average lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Below-average upper-body strength. Below-average quickness side to side and when accelerating out of cuts in pro day tests. Broke left fibula and sprained left ankle in October 2014 and missed rest of season.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 1.

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