Joshua McKissic, WR/PR, Arkansas State – 2016

Postseason events: College Gridiron Showcase.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior, so he doesn’t lack experience. Runs with above-average speed. Quick feet, and has very good lateral and angular quickness. Good, quick hands. Adjusts well to off-target passes. Above-average vision for cutbacks behind the line. Shifty in the open field, with good vision for cutbacks and ability to pick his way well through traffic on screen passes and punt returns. Runs decisively after he gets the ball in his hands, and lowers his shoulder and dives for extra yards. Is a one-cut-and-go runner who doesn’t waste time dancing. Good hands on punt returns and can field the ball on the run. Willing downfield blocker. Adequate vertical leap and broad jump at pro day. Above-average upper-body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk for the position. Sometimes his feet are too quick for the rest of his body, and he loses balance in the open field. Though a willing blocker, he lacks size and strength to be very effective at it.

Projection: Undrafted free agent.

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