Sterling Shepard, WR/PR, Oklahoma – 2016

Giants, Round 2.

Postseason events: NFL Combine and Senior Bowl.

Positives: Adequate bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Runs with above-average game speed and has adequate track speed. Good quickness off the line, and has quick feet that help him change directions quickly. Runs above-average routes and is smooth in his breaks. Generally above-average hands. Despite his lack of size, he can go up and get the ball, and will go to the ground for low passes. Shows good concentration and above-average body control on contested passes. Has above-average cutback vision and doesn’t give up easily after the catch. Fights hard for extra yards and is very competitive. Fair catches punts fearlessly in traffic. Adequate downfield blocker. Very good vertical leap. Adequate lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Good upper-body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Below-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills. Runs a little bit out of control. Should get more separation on comeback routes. Will jump for passes for no reason. Injured groin in November 2014 and missed a few weeks.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 2.

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