Braxton Miller, WR/RB/QB/TE/PR/KR, Ohio State – 2016

Texans, Round 3.

Postseason events: NFL Combine and Senior Bowl. Super-versatile athlete who has played a lot of positions, including returner. Started college career as a QB, and was effective at it, but moved to tight end for 2015 season.

Receiver Positives: Has above-average height and bulk. Above-average body control, and can bring in passes thrown behind him. Is also able to adjust to underthrown passes and go to ground. Pretty strong after the catch. Good quickness and acceleration out of his breaks. Able to use his hands well to keep cornerbacks off of him at the line. Good open field vision on kick returns. Tracks well over his inside shoulder. Good vision and cutback ability. Very hard to bring down. Runs hard and finishes runs with impact. Runs with above-average track speed for the position. Adequate vertical leap and lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Very good ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills. Above-average upper-body strength.

Receiver Negatives: Inconsistent hands overall. Below-average concentration and will take his eyes off the ball and drop some easy ones. Had a right calf cramp in Senior Bowl practices. Poor ball security and consistently holds ball too loosely when making moves. Minor left MCL sprain in September 2013 and missed a few games. Had minor right shoulder surgery in February 2014 and was expected to miss a few months, but he dislocated it in August 2014 and missed the season.

Quarterback Positives: Adequate hand size. Keeps eyes downfield when outside pocket. Accurate rolling out and even throwing across his body. Good speed for the position, with above-average quickness and burst. Fair mechanics. Throws with above-average velocity. Good deep accuracy. Usually goes through progressions. Good escapability.

Quarterback Negatives: Long windup. Depends a little too much on his own escapability, and will hold ball too long often. At times, seems to lose a sense of where the rush is coming from – will run into contact. Seems a little skittish at times, and will hesitate throwing. Eyeballs receivers in clutch situations. Has a lot of tipped passes as a result of eyeballing receivers.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 2. Sized better for wide receiver in the NFL.

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