Alex Erickson, WR/PR, Wisconsin – 2016

Positives: Was a redshirt senior, so he doesn’t lack experience. Adequate height and weight for the position. Runs with adequate game speed and track speed for the position. Generally adequate hands and can extend away from frame. Above-average concentration on contested passes and can hold onto the ball with a big hit. Not easy to bring down and churns well with multiple tacklers on him. Stays squared while making moves to prevent slipping. Reliable hands as a punt returner. Smart fair catch decisions in traffic. Above-average lateral quickness and ability to change directions with burst in his pro day measurements.

Negatives: Will occasionally body catch or let passes go through his hands when he extends. Maybe a little contact shy, and seemed to short-arm a pass over the middle in 2014 bowl game – resulting in an interception. Though his pro day testing shows he has the ability to be pretty quick changing directions, I didn’t see that coming through in games. Below-average vertical leap and broad jump at his pro day measurements.

Projection: Round 7.

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