Tyler Ervin, RB/KR/PR, San Jose State – 2016

Texans, Round 4.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

Positives: Adequate height and hand size for the position. Runs with very quick feet and above-average speed and lateral quickness. Good vision and moves well laterally to find running lanes on both running plays and punt returns. Can pretty consistently make the first defender miss. Even while he is moving laterally, he inches forward to take space and challenge would-be tacklers. Runs with above-average power. Keeps his legs churning through contact. Willing to lower his shoulder at the end of runs to drive through defenders. Gets low to tunnel through the line in short-yardage situations. Protects the ball with both hands through the line. Changes directions smoothly in the open field. Good concentration on passes where a hit is coming. Good effort for off-target passes and will go to the ground to bring them in. Has soft, natural-looking hands and catches smoothly. Above-average ability to change directions with burst in pro day tests. Very good vertical leap and broad jump – very athletic and explosive. Good track speed for the position, and above-average for his size. Though he is deficient as a pass protector, he gives good effort and maintains his leverage at times on impact. Fairly smart kick returner decisions.

Negatives: Below-average bulk for the position. Makes risky punt return fielding decisions. Seems to be easy to knock off balance using high contact. Generally a below-average pass protector – will lunge at rushing defenders and go off balance. Needs to learn to switch hands towards the sideline. Poor lateral quickness in pro day tests. Below-average upper-body strength.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 5. He can make an impact on team as a returner right away, and, if he improves as a pass protector, he has everything else you need as a third-down back.

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