Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech – 2016

Ravens, Round 4.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

Positives: Adequate height, bulk, and hand size for the position. He runs with good long speed and above-average burst. Good lateral quickness and jump cut to find running lanes. Above-average open field vision and is a patient and decisive runner who will burst through small creases in the line. Likes to finish runs hard and runs with good power – will drag defenders and breaks arm tackles. Doesn’t just duck out of bounds and will drive through defensive backs on the sidelines. Above-average balance after contact and is hard to bring down one-on-one. Usually runs with very good balance and shows nice agility in the open field. Consistently falls forward for extra yards and always seems to be moving forward even when he is making lateral moves. Above-average hands and can extend consistently. Tracks passes smoothly over his outside shoulder. Is able to maintain leverage on impact as a pass protector. Adequate track speed. Above average vertical leap and broad jump, which matches the above-average burst he showed during games. Above-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills.

Negatives: Seems to have a short wingspan. Below-average upper-body strength. His concentration as a receiver is inconsistent and he will sometimes turn upfield before securing the ball. Inconsistent ball security technique going through traffic and will sometimes hold the ball in one hand while making moves. Slight hamstring issue at pro day limited him.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 2. He looks like he has everything you need in a workhorse running back, including athleticism, determination, blocking ability, and receiving ability.

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