Jaylen Walton, RB/KR, Mississippi – 2016

Positives: Runs with good speed and above-average burst, lateral quickness, and cutback vision behind the line as a running back, and his sudden movement helps him break the first tackle. Above-average burst, lateral quickness and cutback vision behind the line. Quick feet. Runs fair routes and sets up well for the 1st down. Above-average hands and can extend and highpoint passes well. Can come down with the pass even with a big hit. Protects the ball through the line.

Negatives: Looks small for the position and doesn’t generate power – low power overall. Runs a little bit off-balance and will fall down with little contact. Makes below-average decisions behind the line and will extend plays to the outside that should be cut inside. Suspect vision for cutbacks as a returner and will run into tacklers on kick returns. Willing to lower his shoulder to finish his kick returns. Doesn’t seem to do much cutting back on kick returns.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. Probably more of a prospect as a return than as an offensive weapon.

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