Jakeem Grant, RB/WR/KR, Texas Tech – 2016

Dolphins, Round 6.

Postseason Events: College Gridiron Showcase.

Positives: His size, athleticism, and returner ability remind me of Trindon Holliday. He runs with good track speed and game speed – and very good burst. Above-average lateral quickness and is elusive after the catch. Uses a very quick first step to get away from coverage at the line and would probably be hard to cover either from the slot or as an outside receiver. Hard to locate as a route runner in traffic and also hard to get a hand on once he has the ball in his hand. Runs very balanced and will stay on his feet with contact in the open field despite his lack of size. Above-average lateral quickness in his pro day measurement. Adequate tracking over his inside shoulder. Adequate vertical leap in his pro day measurement. Though he will probably never be able to be much of a blocker due to his size, he is willing.

Negatives: Small size. Below-average hands and consistently drops passes that are definitely catchable. Below-average, inconsistent concentration, and will drop some easy ones – but still make circus catches. Will also jump for passes when he doesn’t need to. Below-average ball security and fumbled a ball without much of a hit in 2014 bowl game. Below-average broad jump at his pro day. Below-average ability to change directions with burst in his pro day measurement.

Pre-Draft Projection: Undrafted free agent. He could fill the need for a returner for some team, and could be used as a weapon on offense if he had better hands and concentration.

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