Dallas Crawford, RB/KR/S, Miami – 2016

Postseason Events: Tropic Bowl.

Positives: He has demonstrated versatility in college. Former high school quarterback recruited to Miami as a defensive back. He was then switched to running back in 2013 but transitioned back to safety in 2014. Adequate burst. Runs tough and breaks arm tackles one-on-one. Willing to finish runs hard. Good body lean. Above-average hands.

Negatives: Indecisive and dances in the backfield. Lacks consistent cutback vision behind the line of scrimmage. Below-average lateral quickness and ability to change directions with acceleration. He is strong enough to break arm tackles, but doesn’t push the pile. Below-average pass blocker who lunges at defenders and misses. Poor decisions as a kick returner and touched the ball right before it went out of bounds – sticking his team inside the 5-yard line.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. I haven’t seen much of him in games, so this projection is more about how I haven’t heard about anyone saying he will be drafted.

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