Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana Tech – 2016

49ers, Round 6. Transferred from Florida to Louisiana Tech for 2015 season as a graduate student.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior who played in a lot of games over his college career. Great height and bulk for the position, with above-average hand size. He worked under a lot of offensive coordinators over his college career, so he should be familiar with several different styles. Adequate accuracy on intermediate passes. Above-average accuracy rolling to the right or left. Above-average arm strength and above-average velocity. Hit his receivers in stride on to allow him to get yards after the catch. Nice touch on crossing patterns. Stands tall under pressure. Knows when to throw away and will get out of the pocket under inside pressure. Shows some escapability in the pocket. Is a versatile athlete who was also drafted by Red Sox. Above-average game speed, with adequate quickness. Very good track speed for the position. Adequate vertical leap for the position. Very good lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills.

Negatives: He ran a spread offense in college at both of his schools, so he may not be ready for an NFL offense right away. Inconsistent accuracy on short passes. Below-average accuracy on timing patterns. Needs to know when to vary his velocity and throw with more touch on fade routes in the red zone. Below-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills. Seems to eyeball his receivers and miss better opportunities. Throws into double coverage often. Somewhat of a long delivery and has a lot of passes batted at the line. Needs to step up in the pocket under outside pressure. He was benched at Florida in October 2014 due to a ball security issue. Had appendectomy in Summer 2013. Sprained left knee and right ankle in September 2013 – with the ankle finishing his season. Reportedly in altercation with a teammate in October 2014.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 4. Is actually a pretty solid quarterback with some nice athleticism to go along with it. Needs a little time to develop, and needs some polish despite his heavy experience in college. I can see him being a good backup after some time, and potential starter.

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