Jared Goff, QB, California – 2016

Rams, Round 1. He was a junior who declared early for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Postseason Events: NFL Combine.

Positives: He has great height and adequate bulk for the position. He throws with above-average accuracy on intermediate passes over the middle of the field. Consistently good touch and accuracy on deep passes, and nice touch at all levels. Above-average accuracy on the move and he sets his feet before throwing. His touch has improved over his college years. He throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity. Shows nice timing with his receivers coming out of their breaks, and consistently hits them coming out of their hitch routes – a tendency that also showed up at the Combine. Leads receivers consistently well on go routes and on passes to the flat. Patiently lets patterns develop. He is able to go through his progressions if he is given enough time. Is willing to throw the ball away, but is also not afraid of contact, and is very willing to stay in the pocket and deliver a pass when he knows he’s going to be hit. Moves pretty well inside the pocket under pressure. Overall, his mechanics are adequate, though inconsistent. Above-average game speed and adequate track speed for the position. Good play fakes. Pretty effective punter when he has to be.

Negatives: He ran a spread offense in college, so he may not be immediately ready for an NFL offense. Below-average hand size. Very inconsistent accuracy on intermediate crossing patterns where he has to lead receivers, and he will often throw behind them when they are on the move. Has a tendency to throw passes high. Below-average accuracy on intermediate throws to the boundary. Is often a little late on recognition over the middle. Seems to lock onto receivers when he’s rolling out and misses better opportunities in the middle of the field. Often throws into coverage. Misses many open reads under pressure. A bit of a long delivery. Inconsistently sets his feet when he’s passing inside the pocket. Though he moves well inside the pocket, he has a hard time sensing outside pressure (especially from the weak side) and needs to learn to step up inside the pocket. Under pressure, tends to just throw the ball up. Below-average ball security under pressure. Poor vertical leap for the position. Below-average overall lower body explosiveness in Combine drills. Below-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills. Separated right shoulder in November 2013, had surgery, and missed the rest of the year.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 1, and possibly the first overall pick. I would view him as more of a second-round pick, but the premium value of the quarterback position will push him much higher than he should go. His ceiling may be Sam Bradford level.

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