Michael Brewer, QB, Virginia Tech – 2016

Former transfer from Texas Tech in 2014.

Positives: He ran a pro-style offense at Virginia Tech after running a high-tempo spread offense at Texas Tech, so his pro learning curve should be shortened. Was a redshirt senior, so he is experienced at the position. He throws with enough arm strength and has nice touch on intermediate passes over linebackers in coverage. Knows when to throw the ball away. Though his accuracy is below average in general, it’s better when he’s on the move. Keeps his eyes downfield on the run. Willing to check down to uncovered receivers. He is an athletic quarterback who runs with above-average speed and quickness. He moves pretty well inside the pocket and is willing to run when he needs to. Runs with pretty good vision and is able to pick his way through traffic on the run. He caught a difficult touchdown pass in his 2014 bowl game.

Negatives: He is built more like a wide receiver than a quarterback, with below-average height and weight for the position. Though his arm strength is adequate, it’s lacking in velocity, and he has to put a lot of air under passes to get them downfield. As a result, his deep passes tend to wobble. He is also inaccurate at all other levels of the field, even to the flat, and his timing is sometimes off on slant patterns. Needs to be a little more patient on routes in the red zone. A little late to pull the trigger rolling to his right. Doesn’t see the field very well, and will miss obviously open receivers – especially over the middle of the field – and will throw to the sidelines often. He consistently doesn’t see the deep safety in coverage and throws into double coverage deep. Eyeballs receivers hard. Doesn’t sense the outside rush very well. Though it won’t come into play often in the pros, he’s not much of a blocker on running plays. He hurt his back in Summer 2013 and missed 1st month of the season. Broke collarbone in September 2015 but was back by the end of the season.

Projection: His athleticism might get him into a training camp, but I don’t see enough as a passer to get him more than that.

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