Austin Dodge, QB, Southern Oregon-NAIA – 2015

Positives: Though he ran a spread offense in college, its up-tempo nature forced him to make quick decisions. Also has a lot of experience throwing deep passes. Okay deep accuracy. Okay arm strength and velocity. Fair accuracy rolling to the left. Seems to have pretty good accuracy on intermediate timing patterns to the outside.

Negatives: Ran a spread offense at an NAIA level of competition, so he has a steep learning curve ahead of him. Below-average throwing mechanics – will throw off of his back foot and leaning backwards for no reason. Three-quarter release. Will hold the ball too long under pressure. Suspect decision-making on the rollout, though and will throw across his body. Doesn’t seem willing to throw the ball away. Doesn’t seem to see the field particularly well, and will throw it into triple coverage. Below-average decision-making in the red zone and will throw it into coverage there. Depends too much on his receivers to make a play on deep passes, and will throw it into coverage consistently. His vision seems to narrow in the red zone and he will miss obvious opportunities over the middle of field. Seems to have nervous feet in clutch situations.

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