Ty Montgomery, WR/KR, Stanford – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good bulk for the position, and built more like a running back. Great hand size. Runs with above-average speed and acceleration for the position. Gets crisp angles on his routes, though he isn’t quick into his cuts. Though his hands are below average, he can extend at times for passes away from his body. Fair concentration on contested passes. Is pretty quick and elusive after the catch, and gives very good effort for yards after contact. He has quick feet that allow for deceptiveness after the catch. Is a patient kick returner who makes consistently smart decisions.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height for the position. Isn’t very quick into or out of his breaks. Doesn’t get great separation on comeback or deep routes. Below-average tracking over his inside shoulder. Below-average hands, and has too many drops. Questionable ball-security, and he has had fumbling problems. Suspect vision on kick returns and will run into his own blockers. Had right shoulder injury most of 2013 season and had surgery in February 2014. Also sprained shoulder in December 2014 kept him out of 2014 bowl game.

Projection: Round 5.

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