Tommy Shuler, WR/PR, Marshall – 2015

Positives: Runs with above-average speed and very good quickness and acceleration. Runs nice, crisp routes that are very difficult to cover, and he gets good separation. Generally good hands –and can extend well and catch with hands. Consistently good effort on off-target passes. Can hold the ball with a hit and is effective over the middle. Is able to get both feet down on the sidelines. Smart punt return fielding decisions and confident hands, letting him field punts effortlessly and fair catch in traffic fearlessly. His quickness and vision make him hard to get a hold of in the open field. Plays bigger than his size and is a willing blocker who works at it.

Negatives: Short height and below-average bulk for the position. Though his hands are generally good, there is some inconsistency – he will let some passes get to his body and drop some easy passes. Has trouble coming down with contested passes, too. Will jump for passes at times for no reason, when it would be better to stay on his feet for yards after the catch. May be contact shy with the ball in traffic, and he will slide to the ground rather than challenge defenders. Not very strong and is easy to bring down once you get a hold of him.

Projection: Round 7. His size will limit teams’ expectations of him, but his Wes Welker-like quickness and his special teams ability will make him valuable in the NFL as a slot receiver and punt returner.

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