Josh Reese, WR/PR, Central Florida – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

Positives: Adequate height for the position. Has fairly reliable hands. Shows above-average concentration on passes when he knows a hit is coming, and good effort on off-target passes. Tracks passes pretty well over his inside shoulder. Not afraid to fair catch punts just inside the 10-yard line when he needs to. Has fair open-field vision and is pretty strong after the catch – isn’t easy to bring down one-on-one. Nimble on the sidelines. Comes back to help quarterback in trouble. Good downfield blocker.

Negatives: Below-average bulk for the position. Body catches consistently and has a little bit of trouble when he has to extend. Suspect concentration when adjusting for errant for contested passes. As a downfield blocker, has some trouble locating who to block. Questionable decisions on fielding punts and will field in traffic. Doesn’t get much separation on deep routes.

Projection: UDFA.

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