Synjyn Days, RB, Georgia Tech – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl.

Positives: A versatile athlete who started his college career as a cornerback. Runs with adequate speed. Strong lower body, and shows above-average balance after contact. Consistently good effort for extra yards and will sacrifice his body. Fair cutback vision behind the line.

Negatives: Runs a little bit out of control – with long, lumbering strides and slow feet. Is a straightahead runner with below-average burst, lateral quickness, and ability to change directions. Seems slow to get going – especially on outside runs. Runs top-heavy at times and is easily tripped up. Below-average hands – has a hard time extending and tends to body catch. Below-average ball security technique through the line in short yardage and will hold the ball too loosely in one hand while trying to break through to the end zone.

Projection: UDFA.

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