Cameron Stingily, RB/FB, Northern Illinois – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

Positives: Versatile – converted linebacker with good fullback size. Runs with good body lean and very good power – churning his legs very well through contact and running over smaller defenders. Good second effort in short-yardage situations. Consistently falls forward for extra yards after contact. Keeps his balance well through contact. Protects the ball very well through contact. Okay hands and can extend slightly for passes away from his body, though he was seldom used as a receiver. Pretty decisive in the open field.

Negatives: Pretty strictly a downhill runner and not effective on outside runs. Runs with below-average speed, burst, and lateral quickness. Poor ability to change directions and seldom even looks like he tries to. Needs to run with his feet underneath him more so he doesn’t just fall off of his feet with contact. Seems to consistently slow himself down in the backfield trying to make cuts, and looks like he should just plow ahead and use his power. Had undisclosed injury in August 2014 and missed first game.

Projection: UDFA.

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