Breon Allen, RB/PR, East Carolina – 2015

Positives: Runs with adequate speed and above-average burst. Above-average quickness, and changes directions well. Shows good cutback vision behind the line and in the open field and has the good lateral quickness to jump-cut for a better running lane. Runs with a good, balanced  body lean and is able to maintain his balance well after contact – keeping his legs churning for extra yards. Is pretty decisive in short-yardage situations despite his lack of size. Very good effort for extra yards in the red zone. Gets low through the line. Tracks the ball well over the inside shoulder. His size makes him hard for defenders to locate behind the line. Protects the ball well through the line with both hands. Pretty fearless fielding punts.

Negatives: Very short and slight for the position, and seems to get easily swallowed up behind the line of scrimmage. Though confident while fielding punts, he consistently makes questionable decisions and has unreliable hands on punt returns. Needs to get set up before fielding punts. Suspect decisions as a pass blocker and will commit himself too early to a position where a defender is not going to break through – though he probably lacks the size to be a consistent pass protector in the pros, anyway. Injured left knee in December 2014 practices and missed the bowl game.

Projection: UDFA.

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