Alonzo Harris, RB/FB, Louisiana-Lafayette – 2015

Positives: Has great height and bulk for a running back, and has solid fullback size. Runs with above-average long speed and explosiveness for the size. Is able to stick his foot in the ground and turn upfield pretty well on outside runs. Fair lateral quickness for his size. Doesn’t have to stop his momentum to be able to make a move. Above-average balance after contact. Pretty agile for his size, and is able to spin away from contact. Generates above-average power – keeping his legs churning and lowering his shoulder for extra yards. Finishes runs with pop. In short yardage situations, he is decisive and just lowers his shoulder and keeps churning to plow ahead.

Negatives: Below-average upper-body strength. Below-average burst and acceleration for a running back. Below-average vision and pushes too far into line before changing direction. Doesn’t change directions very smoothly or quickly. Inconsistent body lean – sometimes seems top-heavy and will fall with little contact, and will also run too upright through the line at times. Long strider.

Projection: UDFA.

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