Austin Hill, WR, Arizona – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Good height for the position with above-average bulk – solid lower body. Runs with adequate speed and above-average acceleration. He is quick off the line and runs adequate routes. His hands are very good and soft, and he accepts passes without fighting them. He also has very good body control and hand-eye coordination, and can reach behind him to pluck the ball out of the air on the move. He also shows good effort and concentration on contested passes, and good effort on off-target passes. He is deceptively athletic, with adequate lateral quickness but good quickness when changing directions. Nimble in the open field and can leapfrog defenders. He also runs with good balance – which was evident at Shrine Game practices in slippery conditions. Above-average upper-body strength. Adequate hand size.

Negatives: He tore his ACL in spring 2013 and missed the entire 2013 season. As a run blocker – either in-line or downfield – he doesn’t look willing to get physical with defenders, and will wait for defenders to come to him instead of attacking. And though he is quick off of the line and can get open that way, he has some trouble getting off physical coverage – surprising with his strong body, and he needs to get more physical with cornerbacks.

Projection: Round 3. Before his ACL tear, he looks like he would have been a first round wide receiver. He has never quite reached those heights again, but should be an effective complementary receiver in the pros. But a lot of teams will be very concerned about his recovery and will probably be scared off until later.

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