Phillip Dorsett, WR/KR, Miami – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: He runs with very good speed and above-average quickness. He uses his good lateral quickness to get a good release and then has the elite speed to get immediate separation no matter the cushion the cornerback is giving him. Feet are nimble on the sidelines. Generally patient on kick returns. Is very quick into and out of his breaks, and is able to rock cornerbacks on their heels and get good separation on comeback routes. His hands have improved a lot over the years, and he now has more than adequate hands and concentration, and will catch passes falling out of bounds. Adequate hand size.

Negatives: A little short for the position, with below-average bulk. When he is running routes, it seems like he uses a lot of concentration to work the route and doesn’t pay enough attention to the quarterback. His hand-eye coordination sometimes falters, and he will have some trouble bringing in errant passes or passes where he has to adjust. Suspect ball security. Tore MCL in October 2013 and missed several games. He injured his oblique muscle in Senior Bowl practices, and didn’t play in the game, but was fine by his Pro Day.

Projection: Round 2. A year or so ago, I would have thought he was nearly undraftable except for his speed. But he has improved a lot over time, and looks like he can be a pretty complete receiver in the pros – or at least be a dependable deep threat.

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