Kevin White, WR, West Virginia – 2015

Transferred from junior college to West Virginia in 2013.

Positives: Very good height and good bulk for the position. He is a size-speed anomaly – has elite speed for his size, and just very good speed in general. He accelerates quickly off the line and uses his hands and strength well to get off of press coverage. Runs very balanced and under control. Good concentration on contested passes and while he is falling, and can come down with difficult catches. Shows good body control and adjusts very well to passes in the air. Tracks passes well over his inside shoulder. Very good hands and can extend for passes away from his frame – high-pointing passes well. Adjusts well to passes behind him. After the catch, he fights hard for extra yards and isn’t easy to bring down. Adequate downfield blocker who has strength to stay with his defender.

Negatives: While he is physical running routes, he needs some work in that area. Below-average ball security when he’s fighting for extra yards, and he will hold the ball away from his body while taking on defenders. Though he is an adequate downfield blocker, he can be pushed back when he uses inadequate leverage.

Projection: Early round 1, and possibly the first wide receiver taken. He has all the physicality, athleticism, and ball skills to be a dominant wide receiver in the league for years. Though he only performed at the major college level for one year, he showed enough in that year to give teams confidence that he will carry that over to the pros.

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