Kenny Hilliard, RB, LSU – 2015

Nephew of former New Orleans Saints star running back Dalton Hilliard.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: He has great height and bulk for a halfback – big enough to be a solid fullback. He runs with above-average power, and consistently falls forward for extra yards. He also shows nice balance of contact to stay upright for more yards. Has adequate speed and burst for his size. Shows good ball security technique, and protects the ball very well when he is running through the line.

Negatives: His size has a big negative effect on his speed, burst, and general explosiveness. He also showed surprisingly below-average upper body strength in his Pro Day workouts. Though he has pretty good power, his lack of acceleration at the snap and his tendency to run upright limit that power until he really gets going. His power really only comes into play one-on-one, and he doesn’t generate a lot of power to push the pile. Below-average hand size. Injured shoulder in November 2014 and missed rest of regular season, but was back for the bowl game.

Projection: Round 7. He is not particularly athletic or dynamic, but he could find a spot as a short yardage back in the pros.

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