Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi State – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Though he is a little short for a running back, he has an adequate and solid bulk. Though his speed, quickness, and burst are nothing special, they are adequate for his size. Behind the line, he shows a nice jump cut and has surprising open-field agility. He is able to get low to drive through contact. His low center of gravity and willingness to keep churning his legs through contact make it hard to bring him down one-on-one.

Negatives: Short for a running back. Below-average game and track speed for the position. Sometimes, when he is going through the line, he will lower his eyes, limiting his vision and causing him to miss cutback opportunities. He seems a little impatient in the open field and should wait for his blockers on screen passes. Suspect ball security through the line. His shoulders sometimes get a little too far in front of him when he is running, throwing him off balance and making him easier to trip up. Inconsistent hands and consistently tries to one-hand passes for no reason.

Projection: Round 7. I would say he is more of a practice squad candidate at this point than a solid contributor on an NFL roster. He lacks any dynamic aspects that set him apart from being just another guy.

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